NYS Humane Association’s newsletters in PDF format.

Better Protections for NYS Animals! Three Important Bills Become Law
President’s Message – Frederick Bourgault Indicted for Beating Racehorse
The Book Corner – Dewey the Library Cat
The Vet Is In: Cat Introductions
Our World Around Us: In Appreciation of Nature’s Best Engineers – The Beaver

Holiday Greetings 2023

Fall 2023
Humane Education: A Critical Need
Equine Cruelty Investigation Training
Bear Necessities
Tribute to Cydney Cross
Be Prepared for Disasters
The Book Corner: “Cali and Wildfire – A Story of Love” by Bill Neal
Spotlight on Suzyn Barron – President Warwick Valley Humane Society

Summer 2023 e-Newsletter
Legislative Victories

  • Prohibiting slaughter of  horses in NYS – Victory!
  • End wildlife killing contests – urge Governor Hochul to sign

NYSHA Networks with Police Agencies and Humane and Other Organizations to Deal with Animal Cruelty
Let’s End Horse Racing
Summer Reading

  • Running with Sherman: The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero

Summer Safety for Companion Animals Be Bear Wise Ticks Help Keep Dishes Filled

Spring 2023 
Does It Matter If New York Supports Horse Racing?
President’s Message – What If They Held a Horse Race and No One Came?
The Book Corner –  250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know

Our Voices in Albany – Victories and Need Support:

  • Sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in retail pet stores banned – Victory!
  • Manufacture or sale of most cosmetic products or ingredients tested on animals banned – Victory!
  • Standards of Care for all animals in the care animal shelters enacted – Victory!
  • End horse racing subsidies in NYS – urge legislators to pass
  • End brutal and cruel wildlife killing contests – urge legislators to pass
  • End exploitation of animals in circuses – urge legislators to pass

The World Around Us – Gardening, Critter Free and Cruelty Free
The Vet Is In – Care Long-Haired Cats and Dogs
Spotlight on Nancy Van Wie and Eddie Mrozik, Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, Inc.

Holiday Letter 2022

Fall 2022
Humane Education Can Change Lives
President’s Message – Ways You Can Help Animals
The World Around Us – Chipmunks
Our Voices in Albany – Again/Still Legislation Waiting for Gov. Hochul’s Signature:

  • Puppy Mill Pipeline bill
  • NY Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act
  • Shelter Standards bill

The Vet Is In – Classroom Pets
The Book Corner – Happily Ever Ester: Two Men, Their Wonder Pig, and Their Life – Changing Mission to Give Animals a Home
Spotlight on William “Bill” Lloyd

Summer 2022 e-Newsletter
Summer is Not Fun for Horses at Race Tracks
Legislation Waiting for Gov. Hochul’s Signature:
   •Puppy Mill Pipeline bill
   •NY Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act
   •Shelter Standards bill
Can You Break a Car Window to Rescue an Animal in Distress?
Ask the Vet: Helping an Overheated Animal
Some Summer Tips to Keep Your Companion Animal Comfortable and Healthy
Yikes! A Snake
The Book Corner –  Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, and Second Chances
The Economy and Empty Food Dishes

Spring 2022
The Tragedy of Puppy, Kitten, and Rabbit Mills
The Vet Is In – Aging Cats
The World Around Us – A Hopeful Spring for New York’s White Tail Deer
The Book Corner – “Saving Baby”
SPOTLIGHT: Patrick Battuello, Founder and President, and Nicole Arciello, Executive Director of Horseracing Wrong

Holiday Letter 2021

Fall 2021
NY State Police Academy Hosts NYSHA Training on Investigating Animal Cruelty
The Vet Is In – Brachycephalic Dogs and Cats – Cute But “Smothering”
Our Voices in Albany – Bill to Protect NY Racehorses from Slaughter and Bill Require Vets to Report Suspected Animal Cruelty
The World Around Us – Opossums
Spotlight on Mary Anne Kowalski, fierce advocate for animals and the environment
The Book Corner – Animal Liberation A New Ethics For Our Treatment of Animals

Winter/Spring 2021
Stray Pregnant Cat Saved by Fate
The Vet Is In – A Perfect “Pocket Pet” – the Guinea Pig
The World Around Us – At the Birdfeeder
Spotlight on Mia Genovesi, Godspeed Horse Hostel –

Holiday Letter 2020 

Fall 2020
Randy Makes a Comeback
Ask the Vet – Keeping Indoor Cats Stimulated and Happy
Spotlight on Linda DeStefano, In Memoriam
The Book Corner – I Promise You, Bolt

Summer 2020 – eNewsletter
At Last! A Shelter Standards Bill Is In The Works
Food Pantries in Need of Pet Food
Governor’s Task Force on Domestic Violence During Covid-19
Ask the Vet – Heartworm, Ticks, and Blue-Green Algae
Hot Dry Summer Days
Horse Racing in New York
Think You’ve Found an Abandoned Baby Animals?
Linda Destefano, Founder of People for Animal Rights in Syracuse

Spring 2020
NYSHA Board Member Harold Hovel’s Visit to a Farm Sanctuary
President’s Message – Resources Available on NYSHA’s Website
The World Around Us – Bats
The Vet Is In – Working with Rescues and Sanctuaries
Spotlight on John Di Leonardo of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION)

Holiday Letter 2019

Fall 2019
New York Takes a Lead in Feline Protection – Declawing of Cats is Outlawed in Our State
President’s Message – Outdoor Cats Suffer Mishaps
An Encore — Cruelty Investigation Workshop in Sullivan County
The Vet Is In – Changing Seasons: Make Sure Your Animals Are Ready for Winter
Spotlight on Dr. Jennifer Conrad, The Paw Project

Spring 2019
Jeanne Ryan Guilty on All Counts! Felony Horse Cruelty Case
President’s Message – If You See Animal Cruelty, dial 911 or call for help
Welcome to New Board Member Rebecca Diamond
The World Around Us – Protecting Birds
Our Voices in Albany
Spotlight on Valerie Lang Waldin – A Professor and Lawyer Who Advocates for Animals

Holiday Letter 2018

Fall 2018
Adding Another R to the 3 Rs – Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic and Respect for All Species
President’s Message – Viable Alternatives to Dissection in School
Remembering Julie Tanner – A Talented Artist Who Captured the Joy Animals Give Us Every Day
The Book Corner – Black Beauty
The Vet Is In – The Long Goodbye
A Mouse in the House?
Spotlight on Susan Kayne – True Respect for Horses

Winter/Spring 2018
A Lifeline for Animals – An Inside Look at a Humane Investigator’s Job
President’s Message – Help Animals by Taking Action on Legislation
The World Around Us – Chance Meetings
The Book Corner – Helping Animals Means Helping People
Join Our Voice in Albany
The Vet Is In – Declawing Cats
Spotlight on Colleen Segarra – A Woman Who Makes a Difference

•  Holiday Appeal 2017donkeysHoliday

Fall 2017
NYSHA Behind the Scenes Working for Animals
President’s Message – Make a Difference for the Animals in Your Life
NYSHA Supports Little Brook Farm Workshop
The Vet Is In – Obesity is Not “Cute.” Keep Your Pets Trim
State Legislation Update
Spotlight on Animal Heroes – NYSHA Recognizes Julie Tanner, Fearless Animal Advocate

Spring 2017
Major Setback for Animal Welfare – USDA Abruptly Removed All Animal Inspection Reports from Website
President’s Message – Unscrupulous Pet Store Operator Put Out of Business
Fall Investigation Workshops Round Out 2016
The Vet Is In: Adopt from Shelters – Shun Puppy Mills
Spotlight on Animal Heroes – NYSHA Recognizes Madison County ACO Kim Muehlenbein

•  Holiday Appeal 2016

Fall 2016
Change Is In the Air (Has been some progress recently that benefit animals but we still have a long way to go.)
Conversations with Mocha (NYSHA’s video series featuring guests whose work is directly or indirectly related to animal welfare.)
Investigating Animal Cruelty Workshop (Held June 21, 2016 in Madison County.)
The Vet Is In – Your Cat’s Behavior Change Might Indicate Illness
Getting to Know Us (About NYSHA’s two newest board members, Diane Fingar and Marc Kissel, Esq.)
The Book Corner – The Connection Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence
Spotlight on Animal Heroes – NYSHA Recognizes Little Brook Farm’s Lynn Cross

•  Holiday Appeal 2015

Spring/Summer 2015
Horse Racing – A Sport to Die For?
(Article lists race horses, where known, who pointlessly died. The age, name, date of death, track and race of each killed horse are provided .)
Legislation Passes to Provide Police Training on Animal Cruelty Laws
Cruelty Workshops in Demand!
Legislative Committee

•  Holiday Appeal 2014

 Fall/Winter 2014-2015
Improve Outcome When Reporting Cruelty
Elephant Incarceration – New York State’s Shame
NYSHA Closes Out 2014 Workshops in Columbia County
Legislative Committee

Spring/Summer 2014
The Controversial World of Thoroughbred Horse Racing
On the Road with NYSHA Workshop
2014 Legislative Update
The Book Corner – The Fancy Hat Veneer

Holiday Appeal 2013

Fall/Winter 2013-2014
Horses Need Your Voice
Legislative Committee Update
A Great Victory for Horses – Slaughter for Human Consumption Stopped
Sullivan County Sheriff Hosts NYSHA Workshop

• Spring/Summer 2013
NYSHA Partners with NYS New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to Expand Workshop Reach
Legislation Committee Column
Skip that Trip to the Racetrack this Summer
Samantha Mullen Honored with Legislative Resolution
NYSHA Presents ADA Renee Merges with Award

•  Holiday Appeal 2012

Fall/Winter 2012-2013
Samantha Mullen – In Memoriam
NYSHA Workshops Grow in Popularity
Legislative Committee Update

Spring/Summer 2012
The Circus – A Nightmare For Animals
NYSHA Workshop Brings Together A Variety Of Attendees
Legislation Report
Cruelty-Free Circuses

Winter 2011-2012
“Model Animal” Program Brings Rewards to Teachers and Students Alike
President’s Message – Humane Education is Important
Legislative Issues
Saratoga and Steuben Counties Host NYSHA’s 2011 Workshops
NYSHA Speaker, Sue McDonough, Appears at Capital District Bird Club Meeting

Fall 2011
Race Horse Fatalities Continue
President’s Message – Tragedy of Too Many Cats
This Year Brought Legislative Progress for Animals
Animal Cruelty Investigation Tips
Be Responsible for Your Own Pet Emergency Plan

Spring/Summer 2011
NYSHA Contacts Utica Mayor and Brings Workshop to Town
President’s Message – Model Animal
Animal Advocacy Day in Albany
New York State Legislature Passes Key Animal Protection Bills
Great News on Paragallo Breeder Case Appeal!

Spring/Summer 2010
Cooperative Efforts Shuts Down Irresponsible Racehorse Breeder Ernie Paragallo
President’s Message – Taking Care of Emily
Law Enforcement Presence at Workshops Continues to Grow
Empire State Animal Protection Forum