The World Around Us:

Bear Necessities

Bears invading feederEverywhere you go these days people talk about a bear sighting closer than normal. We touched on this in our summer e-newsletter, but a reminder is in order to keep everyone safe – humans, domestic animals, and the bears.

Do not put out birdfeeders until December and then still check with DEC to see if there are any bears not yet hibernating in your area. The smell of a BBQ grill may be enticing, so put the grill in a protected area after use if you can. Take in all garbage pails as soon as possible. For outside barn animals use secure electric fencing and/or flashing red lights, and do not store equine or chicken feed where a bear could be tempted! Lastly, but so important, please don’t leave any of your companion animals out overnight.

New York State Humane Association Humane Review, Vol. XLII, Fall 2023.