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Care of Long-Haired Cats and Dogs

Long-haired cat named Stevie
Stevie enjoying her summer “do.”
Dr. Holly Cheever, DVM
Dr. Holly Cheever, DVM

Anyone who lives with a long-haired cat or dog knows how easily they can become matted! Without regular brushing, these hair clumps can actually become painful as they pull on the skin. Please, never try to trim out mats with scissors yourself; it is very easy to cut into skin, especially with cats. Check with your veterinarian or a professional animal groomer about removing them safely, and in the summertime consider a stylish new look for your kitty!

Holly Cheever, DVM

NYSHA’s VP, Dr. Holly Cheever, is a partner in a small animal practice, the Village Animal Clinic, in Voorheesville, NY. She sits on several boards for animal issues, is a speaker and consultant across the nation, and has testified before Congress about animal abuse in circuses, as well as in New York City regarding the carriage horse trade.

New York State Humane Association Humane Review, Vol.XLI, Spring 2023.