Spotlight on Animal Heroes:

Nancy Beyerl of Peaceful Acres Horses

In our Spotlight articles, we frequently feature a sanctuary of some kind and highlight the person who started it. And no matter how many rescues there are, as Nanci Beyerl, Founder and Executive Director of Peaceful Acres Horses, will tell you, there are never enough – yet she and her team of volunteers at Peaceful Acres Horses have saved nearly 300 at-risk and slaughter-bound equines.

Nanci purchased her farm in Pattersonville, NY, in 2002, where she and her mother Tippie established a horse rescue as part of her personal journey seeking a better life, growth, and the means to help others, both people and animals.

And grow they did – developing a dedicated Board of Directors, volunteers, sponsors, educational programs, buddy companions, summer camps, workshops, youth and family programs, a guesthouse, enhanced facilities for state of the art daily and veterinary care – and more.

But this was not enough for Nanci. She has become a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach – an inspirational speaker and motivational leader concentrating on equine led transformative change. And – she just had a book published! In Search of Purpose: One Woman’s Journey to Save and Restore Horses Who Bring Hope to People is now available through Amazon.

When I asked about what is most frustrating or difficult with rescue, Nanci shared a lot of the same thoughts as others we have featured – funding, the continued regard for equines as disposable beings, and awareness of the cruelty and suffering most of these horses and donkeys have sustained before coming to her. Yet, the more she does, the more she is inspired to do, and with her boundless energy and tireless commitment, we know she will.

Her optimism is contagious. Despite every day frustration, she has short and long-term goals that will only make life better for her equine residents and the people they impact and influence. After all, her sanctuary in rural Schenectady County is a beacon of hope and love and peace.

On a personal level for NYSHA, one of our own Board members, Dr. Holly Cheever, is one of Nanci’s heroes. Some of the animals they rescued together are still at Peaceful Acres!

As usual, space does not permit us to explore the dedication, success, and vision of someone like Nanci. You can read more about PAH at Peaceful Acres website.