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National Humane Education Society

Based in West Virginia, National Humane Education Society is involved in several animal welfare activities as well as humane education, including animal rescue and adoption services. They advertise free Humane Ed programs nation-wide. They also offer brochures, posters, and a Teaching Kindness Handbook.

From the website:
The National Humane Education Society (NHES) offers free humane education programs for schools, churches, clubs, libraries and other venues serving children across the United States.

What is Humane Education? Meet Our Humane Educators
Learn about the goals of humane education and about the members of the NHES Humane Education Department.
Request Humane Education Presentations
NHES offers free humane education programs and assemblies to schools across the United States.
Request Humane Education Materials
NHES offers brochures on various animal welfare topics, NHES calendars, and humane education lesson plans for parents and teachers.
Recommended Reading List
Our humane educators have compiled a list of reading materials that cover a wide variety of animal welfare issues.
Activities for Children
NHES facilitates humane learning activities for children at The Briggs Animal Adoption Center, located on the NHES Campus.
Humane Education Lesson Plans
Our humane educators have put together a number of creative activities to help children learn about animal welfare in a fun and engaging way. Every NHES lesson plan includes a material list and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the activity from start to finish.

“We live in proximity and share space with animals, partner beings in our community. We need to be mindful of their presence, respect their lives, and be considerate of their existence. Our compassion for and care for them is the right thing to do.”

About our “Kindness in the Classroom” Humane Education Presentations

Kindness in the Classroom” is NHES’ free interactive humane education presentation offered to schools nationwide. Our standard program lasts between 30-45 minutes and is designed for students in Kindergarten through 5th grades. “Kindness in the Classroom” addresses:

  • Meeting the basic needs of companion animals
  • Ways to interact with pets safely and responsibly
  • The importance of showing kindness and respect to animals

Our programs are free to all schools, public and private, and can accommodate 20 to 300 students per assembly.