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Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)

HEART’s services are specially designed to provide a combined focus on human rights, animal protection and environmental preservation. Our direct services to educators and students, as well as our advocacy efforts, enable us to significantly impact the way young people think about their responsibility to one another, animals and the natural world. By linking our age-appropriate instructional program to our service-based learning program, we give students the tools to make positive changes. We are the only full-service provider of humane education in the New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis and Portland (Oregon) areas and we offer our services at no cost to public schools and non-profit agencies.”

HEART and the Peace Learning Center partnered to create the Justice for All: Educating Youth for Social Responsibility resource guide to help K-5 educators teach youth about social responsibility. The content supports social-emotional growth, delving deeply into real world topics related to diverse human, animal, and environmental topics. This 300-page guide contains 31 engaging, standards-aligned activities and lessons with all student materials included and ready to use. We hope this resource will help educators, in both traditional and non-traditional settings, empower youth to gain a deeper understanding of pressing contemporary issues that impact us and confront them using empathy, critical thought, and innovation.”

HEART sponsors community-wide competitions in Compassionate Communities, on-line games for students with humane themes, summer programs for youngsters, training and workshops in humane education for teachers with professional development credits, and attended and presented at various professional conferences, particularly those that are animal and humane-related.”

HEART also has a webinar library. Our bimonthly webinar series has been going strong and we now have an extensive free webinar library archived on our website at Some of our topics include: teaching compassion for animals; making Earth Day education every day; service learning for elementary students; humane education clubs; humane literature; the political climate and our youth; and fostering empathy and humane behavior.”

Justice for All: Educating Youth for Social ResponsibilityHEART and the Peace Learning Center have partnered to create this humane education guide – Justice for All: Educating Youth for Social Responsibility -to help educate youth for social responsibility. Humane education addresses human rights, animal protection, environmental ethics, and the ways in which these areas are interconnected. By allowing students to earn crucial information and develop solutions for many of the modern issues facing our world, humane education promises to usher in a global community that is prepared to make the planet a more peaceful and sustainable place. This guide contains lessons for students in grades K-5 (the middle school curriculum coming soon). All lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards as well as ISTE technology integration standards.”

HEART also has created an extensive resource guide – Humane Education Resource Guide – with lesson plans and activities. This guide is a major resource for teachers wishing to incorporate humane education in their classes. It is designed for grades K – 12.

“We all know that children love animals, and that teaching kids about animal-related issues can be a great way to develop more caring and compassionate students. That’s why HEART, in collaboration with the ASPCA and IFAW, created this resource guide – Humane Education Resource Guide – filled with 40 lessons and activities on issues like companion animal overpopulation, urban wildlife, endangered species, animal emotions, factory farming and animal testing. Youth learn about the topics, and find out how they can take action to make the world a better place for all life on earth.

This guide contains lessons for students in grades K – 12 (each lesson is aligned to the Common Core Standards) and activities that can be conducted both in school settings as well as more nontraditional out-of-school venues like community centers, libraries or camps.”

Humane Education Resource Guide

Humane Education Resource Guide
Grades K-2.

Circle of Caring.
Make A Puppy Face
Happy Pet Environments
Catnip Toy and Dog Kong
Nonfiction Stories
Lesson Plans.
Communication and Empathy.
Companion Animal Advocates.
Help Me Find A Home.
Moo, Oink, Cluck
Urban Wildlife

Grades 3-5.

Circle of Compassion
Helping Homeless Animals
Clean It Up!
Humane Message Stickers
Lesson Plans
Animals: It’s Their World Too
Animal Communication
Animal Investigators
A Happy Home for Every Dog and Cat
Friends on the Farm
Wildlife Under Fire

Grades 6-8

Puppy Mills Exposed
My Story: How Did I Get Here?
Finding Your Match
Humane Map
Humane Movie Review
Lesson Plans
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
How Much Is The Cost Of Care?
Don’t Test On Me
Behind Closed Doors
What’s Your View?

Grades 9 – 12

A Day In The Life
Attitudes Toward Animals
Letter Writing
Lesson Plans
Can Anyone Be A Hero?
Understanding Habitats
The Omnivore’s Debate
Clothing: The Tough Choices
When Does Animal Use Become Animal Abuse?
Looking At the Root
Standing Up For Animal Rights