How to Investigate Animal Cruelty in NY State – A Manual of Procedures

Example 19 – Training Dogs for Fighting

The Complaint

A complainant called the State Police and reported that she saw six pit bulls chained to dog houses on the property across from her residence. At various times, she also saw the dogs hanging by their teeth from a rope tied to a tree. Other reports from neighbors verified what the complainant had said.

The Response

  1. Based on the information contained in the complaints, a State Police investigator was sent undercover to investigate the situation. His observations confirmed that dogs were being trained for dog fighting.
  2. The state police applied for a search warrant.
  3. They contacted humane agencies to see which could house dangerous fighting dogs for them.
  4. The state police, along with the humane agencies, went to the property.
  5. The state police executed the search warrant. They took photographs of the scene and the individual animals, and arrested the individuals involved.
  6. The humane agencies removed the animals from the premises.
  7. They were later examined by a veterinarian who provided a signed statement as to their condition.

Charges Brought

The individuals involved were charged with Training Animals to Fight, a violation of Article 26, Section 351, Subdivision 2a, of the Agriculture & Markets Law, which is a felony.

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