How to Investigate Animal Cruelty in NY State – A Manual of Procedures

Example 18 – Unorganized Dog Fighting (Street Fighting)

The Complaint

A humane agency cruelty investigator encountered two individuals fighting their dogs on a city street.

The Response

  1. The investigator arrested the two people and took them to the police station.
  2. He carefully documented that the dogs were fighting and the owners were making no effort to break up the fight.
  3. He took the seized dogs to the animal shelter and had them examined by a veterinarian. The veterinarian provided a signed statement indicating that the wounds on the dogs indicated that they had been fighting.
  4. He took photographs of the two dogs indicating the wounds they had sustained.

Charges Brought (cite sections of law)

The individuals involved were charged with Felony dog fighting, a violation of Article 26 Section 351 of the Agriculture and Markets law.

Supporting Documents Follow

Not available because Felony Indictment.