How to Investigate Animal Cruelty in NY State – A Manual of Procedures

Example 9 – Transporting Animals in a Cruel Manner

The Complaint

City police officers on routine patrol came across a man selling baby calves from the back of his hatchback to people on a street. Upon seeing the police, the man shoved the calf he had in his arms back into the hatchback and closed the hatch door shut.

The Response

  1. The police told the man to open the hatch door, and there they discovered three young calves stuffed under a cloth hatch cover.
  2. The animals were struggling to get free. The sun was hot, and the animals in addition to being cruelly stuffed into the small area were not getting any air. The young calves looked dazed.
  3. Police called the local humane agency for assistance to remove the calves.
  4. Police arrested the man.

Charges Brought

The individual involved was charged with violations of Article 26 Sections 353 and 359 of the Agriculture & Markets Law.

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