How to Investigate Animal Cruelty in NY State – A Manual of Procedures

Example 3 – Neglected Pets: Starving Mother and Puppies

The Complaint

A complainant called the local humane agency and reported that she had gone to a residence to buy a puppy. The complainant stated that she was shocked at the condition of the mother and four puppies at the residence and believed they were starving.

The Response

  1. The investigator went to the residence and asked to see the mother dog and puppies. She then established that the persons answering the door were the owners.
  2. The investigator determined that both the mother dog and her puppies were emaciated. The investigator asked the owners how the animals got that way. They stated that the “bitch was thin” when they acquired her and did not see anything wrong with the condition of the animals.
  3. The investigator advised them that the animals appeared to be starving and that it was against the law to starve an animal. After discussing it with the investigator, they decided to surrender the animals to the humane agency.
  4. The investigator removed the animals to the animal shelter and took photographs of them.

Note: If the owners had not been cooperative, the investigator could have seized the animals based on exigent circumstances and charged the owners with a violation of Article 26 Section 353 of the Agriculture & Markets Law.

Charges Brought

None were brought because the owners agreed to surrender the animals, and the investigators felt the individuals acted from ignorance rather than intent.

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