How to Investigate Animal Cruelty in NY State – A Manual of Procedures

Example 2 – Neglected Pets: Lack of Food and Shelter

The Complaint

A complainant called the local humane agency and reported that two dogs had been tied to a fence at a residence and not been fed for at least a week.

The Response

    1. The investigator went to the residence and found two emaciated dogs chained to a fence, with no food or water available. The chains were held with heavy padlocks.
    2. The investigator took photographs which he would later use for evidence.
    3. He applied for an “Order to Seize Dog” from the local judge.
    4. He returned to the property, used bolt cutters to cut the chains, seized the dogs, and removed them to the animal shelter. He left a copy of the “Order to Seize Dog” at the residence.
    5. The investigator returned to the residence later and issued the owner an Appearance Ticket.

Charges Brought

The individual involved was charged with two counts of violating Article 26 Section 353 of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law.

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