How to Investigate Animal Cruelty in NY State – A Manual of Procedures

Example 14 – Abandoned Animals: Animal Abandoned in Owned Trailer

The Complaint

A complainant called the local humane agency during the winter and reported that an animal was abandoned in a house trailer.

The Response

  1. The investigator went to the premises and saw a dog inside the trailer. It appeared as though no one had been on the premises for some time. There were no tire tracks or foot prints in the snow.
  2. The investigator left a card in the door, so if the door were opened, the card would fall out. The card instructed the owner to call the humane society.
  3. The investigator returned the next day. The card had not been removed, nor were there any other foot prints in the snow.
  4. Based on the circumstances, the investigator applied for a search warrant, citing Violations of Sections 353 and 355 of the Agriculture & Markets Law.
  5. The county sheriff’s department executed the warrant, and humane society investigators removed the dog to the animal shelter.

Charges Brought

The individual responsible was not found.

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