You Can Help End Horse Slaughter. Contact Your Legislators.

Save horses from slaughter.The purpose of these links is to provide up-to-date information on the slaughter of horses in an effort to end the slaughter for human consumption of our equine companions and to stop the cruel transport of horses to Canada and Mexico for this purpose.

Currently, there are no horse slaughterhouses in New York, and we want to keep it that way. But, horses are cruelly transported via New York highways to slaughterhouses in Canada. We want to ban such transport through New York.

    • NYSHA Horse Slaughter Fact Sheet
    • Project Vote Smart
      Your voice counts! Put in your zip code to find your federal and state officials and their contact information.
    • Horseracing Wrongs
      “Although the industry downplays the extent of the problem, the prevailing wisdom is that most “retired” American racehorses are bled-out and butchered in foreign abattoirs. One final profit on their heads.”
    • Equine Welfare Alliance
      EWA and its members are involved in a grass roots effort dedicated to ending the slaughter of American Horses and the preservation and protection of our Wild Horses and Burros on public lands.
    • Animal Welfare Institute
      Background of horse slaughter, current status, and some statistics.
    • Animal Law Coalition
      ALC works to bring the latest animal legal news to attorneys, law students, animal welfare advocates and the public. It is their goal to get the public involved to help stop animal cruelty.
    • Equine Advocates
      Information about slaughter and the Safeguard American Food Exports Act.
    • Mary Nashs Horse Slaughter Website