In Memoriam: Dr. Marjorie Anchel

The animal protection movement lost a major champion in early May, when Dr. Marjorie Anchel died at her home in Whitestone (Queens), a few days before what would have been her ninety-ninth birthday.

The animal protection movement lost a major champion…

For many years, Dr. Anchel served as NYSHA´s board president, where she played a frequent role in NYSHA´s lobbying efforts on behalf of animals. She worked tirelessly over a span of decades on issues such as the successful repeal of the Metcalf-Hatch Act (which ended the rights of research institutions to requisition shelter animals) and the passage of protective legislation for wild-caught birds. She also worked closely with Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PsyETA).

Prior to her retirement, Dr. Anchel worked as a biochemist at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. A prolific writer and respected scientist, Dr. Anchel´s academic contacts made possible the publication in book form of the proceedings of NYSHA´s conference on pet overpopulation, held in New York City, in 1987, published by Fordham University Press.

Countless people benefited from the hands-on care Dr. Anchel and her husband, Dr. Herbert Rackow, a retired pediatric anesthesiologist, provided during many years for injured pigeons and birds brought to them by New Yorkers from several boroughs.

The loss of Dr. Anchel is deeply grieved by her family and all who knew of her outstanding contributions to animal protection. It is certain that she will be gratefully remembered by NYSHA´s members who were privileged to collaborate with her or even know about her exceptional accomplishments in carrying out our mission of protecting animals by serving shelters, humane law enforcement, and others whose work is instrumental in ensuring the welfare of animals.

New York State Humane Association Humane Review, Vol.XXIII, No.1, Spring­Summer 2009.