New York Legislation to Protect Animals

Please use your voice to support/oppose new  legislative bills by contacting your representatives in the New York State Legislature.

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The following are two pieces of legislation that NYSHA supported in the 2016 Legislative Session. They did not pass, but we will continue to work for these measures to protect animals.

A.1297/ S.5084

NYSHA’s Memo of Support
OpEd in Albany Times Union written by Holly Cheever, DVM

An act to amend the agriculture and markets law, in relation to prohibiting the declawing of cats in New York State.

A.4378/ S.4452

NYSHA’s Memo in Support

This bill will amend the environmental conservation law to prohibit the taking (sport killing) of zoo, petting zoo, carnival or circus animals. It also stipulates these animals cannot be sold or purchased for this purpose. This bill seeks to protect animals that have spent a better part of their life in captivity from an inhumane and unnecessarily painful death.