New York Legislation to Protect Animals

Please use your voice to support/oppose new  legislative bills by contacting your representatives in the New York State Legislature.

Currently, NYSHA is supporting the following pieces of legislation:

A bill to end the practice of cat declawing, sponsored by Senator Griffo (S.3376) and Assemblywoman Rosenthal (A.595),

A bill to improve the requirements governing the care of animals in pet stores and in the facilities of breeders, sponsored by Senator Boyle (S.613) and Assemblywoman Paulin (A.72). (OpEd by NYSHA Board Member Holly Cheever, DVM)

If you are in the sponsors’ districts, please contact them and voice your support. For all others, contact your representatives and urge them to support these important bills.

Email blasts will be sent when your immediate help is needed to contact your representatives regarding specific legislation.