Support Bill A.7207/S.5320

New York State Humane Association

Please Take Action Now to Protect Animals!

Be a voice for animals today!!  Call Governor Andrew Cuomo at (518) 474-8390  or (888) 570-6848.  You can say, “I support Bill A.7207/S.5320 and request that Governor Cuomo sign this important bill into law.”

For years, the New York State Humane Association (NYSHA), along with other advocacy groups and concerned citizens, have been stressing that animal cruelty statutes in New York State are difficult to locate and not widely understood. This has resulted in ineffective enforcement and prosecution in cases involving animal cruelty and abuse.

A critical measure aimed at addressing this issue, introduced by Assemblyman Bill Magee and Senator Patty Ritchie (A7207/S5320)passed both houses of the NYS Legislature this year.  This bill will require the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to work with the Municipal Police Training Council and the Division of Criminal Justice Services to:

  • develop training regarding enforcing animal cruelty laws for police,
  • create materials about laws involving animals for law enforcement agencies and district attorneys, and
  • provide written and electronic information regarding the cruelty statutes for police agencies, officers, and district attorneys.

Please remember to call today.
If law passes, New York State will provide animal cruelty materials/training on animal cruelty statutes to police officers.

Thank you!

This bill was signed into law requiring the development of training and training materials regarding the enforcement of the animal cruelty laws for police and information regarding the cruelty statutes for law enforcement personnel. October 2015