NYSHA to Honor County Employees, Veterinarians, & Volunteers Who Helped in 2013 Horse Case

The New York State Humane Association is honoring numerous Essex County staff, the Board of Supervisors, veterinarians, and horse rescue agencies and volunteers who assisted in the removal, subsequent care, and adoption of 41 emaciated horses that were removed from an Essex farm in the fall of 2013.

Awards and certificates of appreciation will be presented to county staff at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday, November 3, while the veterinarians, the horse rescue agencies, and horse care volunteers will be honored at an appreciation gathering on Sunday, November 2.

In the spring of 2013, NYSHA had conducted an animal cruelty investigation workshop at the Sheriff’s training facility at which the plight of the horses was discussed. Subsequently, the Sheriff’s Department put a plan into place to address the situation.

Two NYSHA Board Members were part of the support team that assisted the Sheriff’s Department on the day the rescue began. On that day, they were impressed with the teamwork exhibited by all parties involved. And subsequent to that day, NYSHA was kept informed of the continuing team work among all the agencies: the county staff that had arranged the fairgrounds to house the animals and worked on a security bond to try to obtain money from the defendant to cover costs; the Board of Supervisors that approved all arrangements; the veterinarians who examined and treated the animals, the volunteers who provided daily care for the animals, Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue which arranged proper adoptions as the animals’ health improved, and the DA’s Office that gathered facts for the court case. This was a monumental undertaking and a model of team work at its best. We wanted to recognize it as such.

The New York State Humane Association has conducted animal cruelty investigation workshops for police and humane investigators across the state for fifteen years, partnering with Sheriffs’ offices, the State Police Academy, and city police departments. For the past several years, NYSHA has partnered with NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.

California’s ban on foie gras production and sales is safe!

duckGreat news! California’s ban on foie gras production and sales is truly safe!

October 14 2014 , the US Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to the foie gras ban which was signed into law in 2004, but only went into effect in 2012. A group of businesses making money off of the suffering ducks used to produce foie gras backed the challenge, but they lost! It’s been a long and desperate fight, but it seems the ducks have finally won protection in one state in the US so far.

Foie gras is inherently cruel. It is made by force feeding ducks by ramming metal pipes down their throats many times per day until their livers become diseased and unusually large. More than 40 countries have banned foie gras production.

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Cold weather warnings

It can’t be too early to prepare  for the cold weather.  For animals who live outdoors make sure the bedding has been removed and replaced with thick layer of wood shavings and then straw.  Make sure the outdoor house has been winterized so that there are no drafts.  Consider how you will provide fresh warm water to outdoor pets.